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If you`re a South African student seeking financial assistance for your tertiary education, you`ve likely heard of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). NSFAS is a government-funded program that provides loans and bursaries to eligible students to help cover the cost of their studies. To apply for NSFAS funding, you`ll need to complete an agreement form, which is available in PDF format on the NSFAS website.

The NSFAS agreement form PDF for 2020 is a crucial document that must be completed accurately and submitted on time to ensure that your application for financial aid is considered. The form covers the terms and conditions of the NSFAS loan/bursary and outlines your responsibilities as a recipient of financial assistance from the scheme.

When completing the NSFAS agreement form, it`s essential to read and understand all sections carefully. Some of the critical areas to pay attention to include:

1. Personal information: You`ll need to provide your personal details, including your name, ID number, and contact information.

2. Academic information: This section requires you to provide details about your current academic status, such as the institution you attend and the course you`re studying.

3. Financial information: You`ll need to provide details about your income and expenditure to establish your financial need for NSFAS funding.

4. Legal agreements: This section outlines the legal agreements between yourself and NSFAS and includes important information about the repayment of your loan.

Once you`ve completed the NSFAS agreement form, you`ll need to attach any supporting documents that are requested, such as a certified copy of your ID or proof of income. It`s crucial to ensure that you submit all required documentation and that your application is submitted on time to avoid your application being rejected.

Overall, the NSFAS agreement form PDF for 2020 is a vital document that will determine your eligibility for financial assistance to fund your tertiary education. It`s crucial to ensure that you complete the form accurately and submit it on time, along with all the necessary supporting documentation, to ensure that your application is considered. With the help of NSFAS, you can achieve your academic goals and benefit from a brighter future.